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Prof. Barbara Schaff

Darwin Among the Disciplines

Darwin’s theory of evolution was to revolutionise the understanding of
the natural and social world and has had far-reaching implications on
theological, sociological, biological and political issues as perhaps no
other scientific theory. The English Department of Göttingen University
will celebrate the long-lasting impact of Darwin’s evolutionary model in
academic fields as well as popular culture with a two-day academic
conference “Darwin Among the Disciplines” on the occasion of the 150th
anniversary of The Origin of Species in November 2009. By bringing
together contributions from the humanities and arts, natural sciences,
social sciences and theology, we hope for a transdisciplinary exploration
of how Darwin’s ideas have reshaped our understanding of human nature and
engendered ongoing debates and controversies.
We invite papers exploring Darwin’s legacy with particular, though not
exclusive, relevance to the following themed sessions: Darwin’s impact on
art, music, and literature, the Darwin industry (books, exhibitions),
evolution and religion, evolution and popular culture, evolution and the
social sciences, evolution and biotechnology; evolution and sex / gender.
The conference will take place Nov 20-21 2009 at Göttingen University,
the conference language will be English. Keynote speakers include Ian
Duncan, CU Berkeley and Virginia Richter, Berne University. 200-words
abstracts should be sent by April 1st, 2009 to Barbara Schaff, Englisches
Seminar der Universität Göttingen, Käte-Hamburger-Weg 3, D - 37073
Göttingen, Germany. Email:

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