CFP: Nebula 4.1, Online Journal, Generalist/All Topics (3/10/07; journal issue)

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Samar Habib
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Abimbola O. Adesoji. "Globalization of the media and the Challenges of Democratisation in Nigeria." 38-50

Habiba Hadziavdic. "Images of Gypsies, a German Case: Gilad Margalit." 51-61

Warren Steele. "Strange Fruit: American Culture and the Remaking of Iraqi Males at Abu Ghraib." 62-74

Mary Ellen Wright. "Adrian Hall's Adaptations of In the Belly of the Beast." 75-88

Yashar Keramati. "The Odd Couple: Iran and Venezuela's Union Through anti-U.S. Imperialism and Oil." 89-99

Yashar Kermati. "One Theocrat's Puppet Democracy, One Nation's Democratic Deprivation." 100-110

Jason Cootey. "I've Looked Deep into the Darkness." 111-141

Jason Gendler. "Primer : The Perils and Paradoxes of Restricted Time Travel Narration." 142-160

Moses Omoniyi Ayeomoni. "Language Use in a Yoruba Speech Community." 161-172

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  Nebula is an online academic periodical which is interested in all things intellectual with the intention of providing a platform for interdisciplinary reading. Unlike other academic periodicals, Nebula is not limited to one Faculty or subject. We accept academic articles from any discipline provided that these are written in non-specialist language and in a manner that appeals to a broad audience. Nebula also publishes intellectual writings that may not necessarily meet the generic conventions of an academic article. In addition, we encourage academics and intellectuals to participate in a public debate as regards world politics. We particularly welcome submissions of a marginal or “against the grain” nature and those that heavily interrogate popular political ideologies in a sound and well-evidenced manner. Writings of high calibre that are particularly underrepresented in other academic periodicals are most welcome for consideration. Nebula also publishes
 literary and art works and is willing to consider any (graphic, cartoon etc.) material, which can be published on the world wide web. Submissions intended for Nebula are not limited by a particular house style; we simply ask that whichever referencing style is being used, that it is used consistently and thoroughly throughout each piece.
  Submissions for Nebula 4.1 are due March 10, 2007.
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