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The Faulkner Journal

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The Faulkner Journal Vol. 25: Faulkner the Seducer

One of Faulkner’s earliest self-portraits was that of the smooth-talking
seducer. In Mosquitoes, Jenny Steinbauer recalls a “funny man”
named “Faulkner” who tells her that she has “the best digestion he ever
saw” and warns that “if the straps of my dress was to break I’d devastate
the country.” Comic though it is, Faulkner’s brief portrait set the stage
for numerous seductions that would occur both in his works and in his
personal life. The Faulkner Journal is seeking essays on the topic of
Faulkner and the art of seduction, whether it be the author’s seduction
of the reader, his characters’ attempts at enticement, or Faulkner’s own
examples of manipulation in his engagement with others and in his
creation of a public persona.

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