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Gerardo Del Guercio
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Editor seeks 3 15-20 page manuscripts on Harriet Beecher Stowe’s writing
and its relation to 19th century American literature and law. Essays will
correlate laws such as the Fugitive Slave Laws with race gender, and
economics (either separately or combined). The ideal abstract will
examine one or more of the following: correlate how dialogues between
characters in Stowe’s work demonstrate a relation to law, how Stowe used
her work to trigger public opinion to change oppressive laws, and how her
works tie in with other abolitionists writing. I would like the essays to
focus on how Stowe's work deals with the law (i.e.: how it represents the
law, how it comments on the law, how it helped shape public opinion to
change the law during the 1850s, how the way that Stowe's characters
communicate with one another demonstrate how public opinion was shifting
against, how Stowe used fiction as a medium to allude to the law in the
US during the 1850s and how she intended to use formal techniques like
allusion. The volume is intended for both professional scholars and
graduate students. The ideal contributor will have advanced studies in
literature. Please forward a 250 word abstract and resume to
gerrydelguercio_at_yahoo.com. Essays will follow MLA guidelines and include
full endnotes Please add a short list of further readings. Only accepted
abstracts will receive a reply. Compensation will be announced once a
publisher is found. Deadline is set for January 21, 2009.


Gerardo Del Guercio.
Independent Researcher.
Montreal, QC, CA.

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