CFP: Sex, Sexuality and Identity in the Cinema (3/31/04; journal issue)

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Nouvelles vues sur le cinema quebecois

[Sex, sexuality and nationality: interrupted coitus or continuous =


In Film Studies as elsewhere in the Humanities, sexuality and identity =
are often first conceptualized in psychoanalytical terms. In the case of =
a =93national cinema=94 =96 Quebec=92s cinema =96 the reflection on =
sexual identity opens the door to a second paradigm of analysis: the =
nation and the allegory. Femininity, masculinity, homosociality and =
homosexuality then become fertile ground for the allegorization of the =
national and the national identity around the sexual and sexual =


The second issue of =ABNouvelles vues sur le cin=E9ma qu=E9b=E9cois=BB =
[] proposes to question the relation between =
nation and sexuality. We would like to offer a space for dialogue and =
exchange of diverging ideas, paradigms and point of views, from =
psychoanalysis to queer theory, from homosociality to the lesbian =
continuum, from fatherhood to patriarchy, from men in crisis to the =
liberated women. We would also like to open the discussion not only to =
the =93sexual=94, but also to sex itself, its corporeality, its =
materiality, its symbolization and representation as an =93acte =
charnel=94. In other words, we would like to investigate the signs and =
senses of sex, its affective and epidermal manifestations, an aspect =
that often escapes academic rigor and scholarly discourses.


We invite researchers, students and filmmakers to send their original =
abstracts (250-300 words) by email (in MS Word format - .doc) before =
March 31, 2004. Final texts will have to be handed in by June 30, 2004, =
and can be written in English or French.

Bruno Cornellier
Nouvelles "vues" sur le cin=E9ma qu=E9b=E9cois
R=E9dacteur en chef
=C9cole de cin=E9ma Mel Hoppenheim
Universit=E9 Concordia
1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest, FB 319
Montr=E9al (Qu=E9bec) H3G 1M8
t=E9l: (514) 484-9386

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