CFP: [American] Fictions of Honor and Violence in the Old South (PAMLA)

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William Etter
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        This special session of the November 2008 PAMLA Conference at Pomona College,
Claremont, CA seeks papers that address fictional literary representations of the colonial and
antebellum South as a region and culture characterized by a traditional conflation of codes of
honor and the enactment of violence. Proposals are solicited on antebellum authors like A.B.
Longstreet as well as post-Civil War texts by authors like Mark Twain, George W. Cable, or
Charles Chesnutt,. In addition, twentieth-century treatments of this theme by such authors as
Thomas Dixon, William Faulkner, Margaret Mitchell, or Arna Bontemps are also welcome.

Possible topics might include:
* the "Plantation myth" of the late nineteenth century
* gendered conceptions of honor and violence against women
* the influence of Old Southern conceptions of honor on the practices of lynching, the Ku Klux
Klan, and Jim Crow segregation
* literary representations of the grand "Lost Cause" of the Civil War
* satires of Old Southern honor and its violence
* literary representations of Old Southern honor as a "fiction"
* the role of conceptions of the Old South in shaping literary regionalism
* the romanticization of Old Southern honor in the 20th century
* the Southern Gentleman as fictional character
* Southern honor and notions of racial superiority

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