CFP: Medieval British Literature (11/1/06; CEA, 4/12/07-4/14/07)

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College English Association National Conference
April 12-14, 2007, New Orleans

CEA invites papers on Medieval British Literature for its 38th annual
meeting in New Orleans. The conference theme this year is "Empathy and
Ethics." Proposals addressing this theme are especially encouraged, but
any topic addressing Medieval British literature will be considered.

Papers might address the following:
1) How are empathy and/or ethics portrayed in literature or film
of/about the Middle Ages?
2) How do Medieval British texts discuss values and build empathy?
3) How are human responses to matters of human suffering explored?
4) How are matters of empathy, ethics, revenge, and self-service
addressed in Medieval British literature?
5) Papers on the teaching of Medieval British literature might address
how students are challenged to consider matters of empathy, ethics,
revenge, and self-service.
6) How can Medieval literature addressing differences in culture,
ethnicity, gender, and religion be used to teach matters of empathy and
ethics today?

Proposals should be submitted by November 1st via the online database

When you submit your proposal, use a pull-down menu to indicate your
topic. Indicate at that pull-down menu that your submission should be
directed to James M. Palmer, chair of the Medieval British panels.
Please also email a copy of your proposal to:

To preserve time for discussion, CEA limits presentations to 15 minutes.
All presenters must become members of the College English Association by
January 1, 2007. For membership information, contact Joe Pestino at For more information about CEA, the general conference
theme, or other special sessions, please consult the CEA web site:

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