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As the end of the year and Congress and Leeds approach in the coming
weeks, please keep in mind the following upcoming issues of The
Heroic Age:

The Heroic Age Issue 12: Early Medieval Languages and Linguistics
(January 2008)

The Heroic Age invites submissions on any aspect of Late Antique or
Early Medieval languages and linguistics. Topics may include (but are
not limited to): place name studies; vocabulary borrowed from
different languages (such as William Sayers exploration of the
borrowing of nautical vocabulary from Norse in Issue 8 of The Heroic
Age); growth of vernacular languages; the influence of Latin on
vernacular; vernacular influence on Latin; runes; ogam; editions or
translations of little known texts or inscriptions; the use or
mis-use of Greek or Hebrew.

Submissions will be received at any time, no later than October 1, 2007.

Also under development for this issue: A "webliography" of early
medieval languages and linguistics and an online bibliography on the
subject. Please send web sites, project sites, or bibliographical
information on the subject to the editor.

The Heroic Age Issue 13: Early Medieval Manuscripts: Use and Abuse (July 2008)

The Heroic Age invites submissions exploring the use or abuse of Late
Antique and Early Medieval manuscripts. Studies of individual
manuscripts, or the influence of disparate manuscripts on a
particular text, the peculiar travels of a manuscript(s), and other
studies are encouraged and welcome.

Submissions will be received at any time, no later than April 1,
2008. Submissions should be sent to Larry Swain.

Future issues and sections under development include:
Late Antiquity in Northwestern Europe
The Normans
Early Medieval Law
"Theory" in the Early Middle Ages
Study of the Bible in the Early Middle Ages

The Heroic Age welcomes and encourages papers on topics unrelated to
themed issues at any time.

The Heroic Age publishes: Feature Articles on themed and unthemed
topics, Editions and Translations, History by Biography, Book
Reviews, and Film and Television Reviews. Submissions should be sent
to Larry Swain:

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