CFP: [Medieval] Kalamazoo 2008 - The Akedah in Medieval Monotheism

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Daniel T. Kline
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CFP: Kalamazoo 2008 - The Akedah in Medieval Monotheism

The akedah (Genesis 22: 1-19) is a foundational text for the three great
Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), though each
religion differs in its interpretation of the text and its meaning. At the
same time, each tradition has a rich history of interpreting the Genesis
passage and appropriating that interpretation theologically, socially, and
politically as well as poetically, artistically, and dramatically.
Simultaneously, the akedah has proven to be a rich source of contemporary
philosophical and theoretical reflection, particularly in regard to issues
of violence and ethics (Soren Kierkegaard and Emmanuel Levinas come
immediately to mind).

I invite essays dealing with the theological and exegetical complexity of
this seminal text in the three great Abrahamic religions as well as
theoretically-inflected papers interpreting the akedah in poetry, drama,
and the visual arts for the 2008 Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo. I'll
happily address any questions you might have ahead of time.

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2007. For details please see:

The standard parameters for page and presentation length apply: three 20-
minute papers or four 15-minute papers. If there sufficient interest and
quality of proposals, I will also consider a panel of five 10-minute
papers with a respondent, opening then into a wider discussion.

Please send your one page abstract and a brief cv to me at
<> by 15 September 2007.

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