CFP: [American] Fame/Infamy in the U.S. 1890s (4/15/08; M/MLA 11/13/08-11/16/08)

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The general theme of the 2008 Midwest MLA Convention is "Fame/Infamy."
In keeping with that theme, this proposed special session will explore
the ways in which notions of fame and infamy structure our understandings
of U.S. literature of the 1890s, a decade that might be thought of as
having begun with the posthumous publication of Dickinson’s POEMS(and the
editing out of what might have been its most scandalous material) and
ending with Frank Doubleday’s attempts to suppress SISTER CARRIE. In
between were published a number of textsâ€"THE AWAKENING, “The Yellow Wall-
Paper,” MAGGIE, and othersâ€"whose fame now seems, at least in part, a
function of their initial infamy. What about the literary and cultural
politics of the 1890s might have fame and infamy so central to the
project of American literature? 250-word proposals to Jeremy Wells at by April 15.

M/MLA 2008, Nov. 13-16, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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