CFP: [Medieval] 2008 Kalamazoo Session –– 'Inquisition and Confession'

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Mary Flannery
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Over the past thirty years, considerable scholarship has been produced on
the subject of confession in the Middle Ages, from Thomas N. Tentler's
volume on Sin and Confession on the Eve of the Reformation, to Peter Biller
and A.J. Minnis's collection of essays entitled Handling Sin. However,
apart from Peter Brooks's work on confession (which does not have the
Middle Ages as its focus) and recent work by Dyan Elliott, few works have
considered the counterpart of confession: inquisition. Inquisition and
confession may profitably be read as two sides of the same coin, a
relationship highlighted by the 1215 Fourth Lateran Council, which
established protocols to be followed both by those hearing confession and
by those confessing, and which also was the origin of the inquisition
intended to extirpate heresy.

The purpose of our session on 'Inquisition and Confession' is to encourage
investigations into the impact of Lateran IV on the discourses and
mechanics of confession and inquisition in medieval Europe. We
particularly hope to reach a better understanding of how Lateran IV
affected the relationship between inquisition and confession.
Consequently, while we will welcome papers that consider inquisition and
confession individually, we may particularly favour papers that consider
overlaps and connections between the two subjects. The results of this
session will be particularly interesting in light of recent investigations
into the role of 'talk' in medieval culture, and into the relationship
between literature and the law. We are interested in seeing submissions
from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to literature,
history, legal history, art history, and philosophy.

Please email Mary Flannery (m_flan( with a brief cv and an
abstract of no more than 250 words by 15 September 2007. For details
regarding submissions for Kalamazoo, please see:

The standard parameters for page and presentation length apply: three 20-
minute papers or four 15-minute papers.

Please send your one page abstract and a brief cv to me at
m_flan ( by 15 September 2007.

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