CFP: [Medieval] Devotional Aesthetics at New Chaucer Society Congress

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Tara Williams

Devotional Aesthetics

Panel for New Chaucer Society Congress in Swansea, Wales, July 18-22, 2008

While medieval studies has challenged disciplinary and, more recently,
chronological boundaries, it has largely preserved the separation between
poetic and religious textsâ€"a separation reinforced by the heavier emphasis
on the historical rather than literary significance of the latter. This
session seeks to address that separation by examining the aesthetic
strategies of devotional texts and their connections to literary as well as
religious traditions. Papers might consider questions such as: How do
devotional writers draw onâ€"or diverge fromâ€"poetic texts? How do devotional
texts comment on the category of aesthetics? How do social and religious
concernsâ€"whether orthodox or heterodoxâ€"shape devotional aesthetics?

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October 1, 2007.

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