CFP: [Medieval] CDE May 2008 Adaptations - Performing across Media and Genres

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Eckart Voigts-Virchow

17th Annual CDE Conference 2008,
University of Siegen, Akademie Biggesee, Attendorn, Germany, May 01-04,
“Adaptations â€" Performing across Media and Genres”
The German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English
announces its 17th Annual Conference (May 01 to 04, 2008). It will be
organized by the Chair of English Literature at the University of Siegen
and held between Siegen and Cologne at the Akademie Biggesee, Attendorn .
Call for Papers:
Translation, transformation, appropriation, assimilation, adaptation â€"
these processes of intertextual and intermedial contact have been part
and parcel of theatre and drama since their very beginnings. In various
guises, they have continued to play a major part in turning narratives
into stage events. Linda Hutcheon argued in her recent study A Theory of
Adaptation that “every live staging of a printed play could theoretically
be considered an adaptation in its performance“. While this is of course
true in general terms we would like to bring into narrow focus the
various processes and cultural issues at stake in converting or
actualizing texts as theatre texts â€" and vice versa. For some time now,
the academic sub-discipline of ’Adaptation Studies’ has been active in
exploring adaptive processes, but we feel that this burgeoning research
area has yet to make its full impact on theatre and drama studies.
Resistance to analysing adaptation has probably to do with implicit
reservations against adaptive work and a bias towards the problematic
idea of originality. The renowned adaptor Helen Edmundson has recently
called upon the Bard to defend adaptation: “Shakespeare plundered other
people’s stories shamelessly. And people didn’t say, ‘That’s not a play,
it’s an adaptation’”. Taking as our point of departure Kamilla Elliott’s
statement that adaptation is “theoretically impossible yet culturally
ubiquitous“ we will seek to theorize a number of significant cases from
within this ubiquity of adaptations across media and genres.

We would particularly welcome proposals in the following areas:

Stages, screens, sounds: Media adaptations from film, TV, radio,
Internet, etc. â€" and vice versa
The role of translation in theatre and drama
Text, speech, image, performance: Books, oral narratives, cartoons and
games on stage
Heritage in performance: The actualization of heritage or history
narratives on stage
Re-enactments: Iterating, re-making and re-presenting theatre history on
Actualizing the classics: Myths, antiquity, Shakespeare, etc.
Intercultural adaptation: Putting the ’Anglosphere’ on stage
Beyond fiction: Live art, reality plays, journalism, tribunal plays and
verbatim theatre

200-word abstracts of suggested papers (20 minutes or less) plus short
biographical note may be sent by Jan 15, 2008, to

Prof. Dr. Eckart Voigts-Virchow
Anglistik I/Literaturwissenschaft
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2
57068 Siegen
fon: ++49-(0)271-740-4581
fax: ++49-(0)271-740-2692

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