UPDATE: [Medieval] Lollard Affiliations (7/11-13/08), Oxford, U.K. - Registration Deadline

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Patrick Hornbeck
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Please allow us to take this opportunity to remind you of the upcoming
registration deadline for our summer conference, "Lollard Affiliations:
Historical, Literary, Theological," at Oriel College, Oxford, from July
11-13, 2008. The conference brings together an international cohort of
scholars whose work touches on every dimension of Wycliffism and
l/Lollardy; we are especially pleased to be able to feature Anne Hudson
(Univ. of Oxford), Alistair Minnis (Yale University), and Peter Marshall
(Warwick University) as plenary speakers.

We would be delighted if you would be able to attend the conference, and
likewise if you would be kind enough to mention it to colleagues and
graduate students who may also be interested. In order for us to make the
final logistical arrangements with Oriel College, we have had to impose a
registration deadline of April 18, 2008, by which point we hope your
registration forms and checks will have made their way to Mishtooni Bose in
Oxford. To obtain a registration form, please email Mishtooni Bose at

Accommodation is limited, so we will be obliged to allocate it on a
first-come, first-served basis. (At this point, both standard and en-suite
rooms are still available.)

If you have any further queries about the conference at this stage, please
do not hesitate to contact us, preferably by email
(mishtooni.bose_at_chch.ox.ac.uk or hornbeck_at_fordham.edu). We will be most
happy to help and will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in Oxford in July.

With very best wishes,

Mishtooni Bose, Christ Church, Oxford
Patrick Hornbeck, Fordham University

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