CFP: [Medieval] Borderlines XIII interdisciplinary conference in medieval studies, Dublin March 2009

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Patrick O'Brien
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Do you suffer for triskaidekaphobia (irrational fear of the number 13)?
Do you beware the Ides of March?

Feel the fear but come anyway to the co-hosting of Borderlines XIII
(interdisciplinary conference in medieval studies) by University College
Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin on Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, and
Saturday 21st of March 2009. This year’s conference title is:

“Building breaches: the negotiation of boundary in medieval culture.”

This year’s conference seeks papers which explore the notion of
liminality in medieval life. Borderlines XIII wishes to explore the
notion of ‘border life’, liminal times/places in premodern life when
people were conscious of being on thresholds of many sorts â€" apocalyptic,
social, economic, religious â€" and the strategies and rituals they evolved
for crossing them. Most importantly, the Borderlines XIII conference puts
out a call for papers which investigate boundaries of all kinds â€" of
person, place, page and time â€" and how premodern people tweaked, twisted,
massaged and broke boundaries in the effort to fashion a space in which
they fit.

As well providing a forum for the airing of the latest research in
medieval studies, the Borderlines XIII programme will also include:

•Plenary lecture given by Professor Helen Cooper
        (University of Cambridge)
•Tour of medieval Dublin led by Dr. Stephen H Harrison of the Friends of
Medieval Dublin
•‘Quills and Ink’ workshop
•End of conference ‘Domesday Banquet’

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