CFP: [Medieval] "Behold the Bridegroom Cometh!": Prophets and Prophecy in the Long Eighteenth Century.

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Dr Nancy Jiwon Cho
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"The Bridegroom cometh!" Prophets and prophecy in the long eighteenth
century. A one-day international conference.

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2009
Event: The Bridegroom cometh! Prophets and prophecy in the long eighteenth
century. A one day international conference.
Location: Nottingham Trent University (Clifton campus)

Confirmed Plenary Speaker: Professor Phyllis Mack (Rutgers University)

This interdisciplinary conference aims to provide an opportunity for
scholars to re-evaluate the role of prophets and prophecy in the long
eighteenth century. Some major figures are well known (Jane Lead, William
Blake, Richard Brothers, and Joanna Southcott), but others are still
emerging (Dorothy Gott, Samuel Spavold, Samuel Best - a.k.a. 'Poor Help').
Perhaps their most immediate point of interest today arises from their
blend of religious appropriation, personal charisma and propensity to
gather bands of dedicated followers through their personal interactions and
spiritual interpretations as circulated in their writings. While individual
prophets are distinctive, their collective works and ministries present
some of the most visible ways in which religion impacted on contemporary
social groups, such as through publicity, self-promotion, authorship,
publication, scriptural authority, visual and material cultural, and patronage.

The conference invites proposals for 20 minute papers (300 words abstracts)
on issues such as (but not confined to):

    * Enthusiasm and enlightenment
    * Role of personal charisma
    * Gender and prophecy
    * Prophecy and prophetic traditions
    * Scriptural sources and prophecy
    * Prophetic diversity
    * The management, mechanics and economics of prophetic movements
    * Prophecy and oral/print/visual culture
    * Visionary processes
    * Prophecy and class
    * Communicating the esoteric
    * Prophetic afterlives
    * Prophecy and the body
    * Prophecy and dissent
    * Prophetic language/linguistics.

The "Bridegroom Cometh!" conference is an activity within the Dorothy Gott
project based at NTU and supported by the Panacea Society.

Please send abstracts of 300 words to and/or by 22 March 2009.

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