CFP: Techn. of Travel & Bodies in Modernist Poetry (5/5/07; MSA, 11/1/07-11/4/07)

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Adrienne Walser
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Technologies of Travel and Embodiment in Modernist Poetry
Call for Papers: Proposed Panel for MSA 9
November 1-4, 2007 — Long Beach, CA

In keeping with the theme of this year's conference, "Geographies of Visual
and Literary Culture,"
this panel will explore the ways in which the traveling modernist writer
engages with technology
and how his or her body moves or positions itself in a Modern text and
context. Considering the phenomenological implications of travel, we are
interested in bodily negotiations of or interactions with technologies of
movement and travel and in how such technologies facilitate poetic exchange
and inscription. What are the effects of new and perhaps rapid and jarring
movement on the Modern subject? If travel provides an opportunity for a body
to be moved, un-rooted, dislocated and disoriented, how does such a journey
away from the familiar serve as a search for self through contact with new
spaces, with the unfamiliar, and with others—how or does one map and
position oneself
in the Modern world through close contacts with others via technological
means? How does technology propel and/or compel both the body of the poet
and the body of the text itself?
In what ways does the form of the poem reflect the modes of travel and
technology that occasion them? What is the relationship between the poet who
is actually in motion and the way that motion
is inscribed in the text poetically and artistically? We are interested not
only in the literal modes of travel of the early twentieth century, but also
in the ways other technologies, such as the cinema, radio, and telegraph,
might be considered technologies of travel. Ultimately, we ask, how is the
body moved, shocked, electrified, energized, transported, unsettled, or
extended by these technologies of travel and transmission? We are
especially interested in papers that engage with visual and material
Topics might include:
• Travel poetry/narrative — journeys into and away from self
• Futurism and the poetry of planes, trains, and automobiles
• Simultaneous poetry
• Vorticism and the image
• The train and the cinema in Modern culture
• Displaced poets or poets away from home
• Technologies and the "scene of writing"
• The radio/ gramophone/ telegraph / cinema and poetic transmission
• Poets and séance
• The poetics of postcards and letter-writing
• Byzantium and other imaginary journeys
• The flaneur in the Modern city

Please send abstracts of 250 to 500 words along with a brief CV to Adrienne
Walser and Amaranth Borsuk ( by Saturday, May 5, 2007.

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