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Michael Gouin-Hart
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Call for Papers
2008 ALSC Conference, Philadelphia, October 24-26, 2008
Keynote Speaker: Jhumpa Lahiri,
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author of Interpreter of Maladies (2000)

The Conference Program Committee invites proposals for papers and
presentations to be considered for the 2008 conference at the Sheraton
Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia, October 24-26. Descriptions of each
panel and seminar topic appear below, along with e-mail addresses and
other contact information for submissions. Please bear in mind that there
will be many more submissions than can be accepted, and that the criteria
may include not only the merit of the individual submission but the range
and variety of a session’s contributions. The pleasure of the conveners
is to see how much stimulating and valuable work is being done; the pain
is to be able to accommodate only part of it in panel or seminar.

Submission form and deadline. Submissions must reach the convener of the
session by March 31. They should be sent to both (1) the convener of the
panel or seminar and (2) the Association’s office at On your
e-mail’s “subject” line, please give your name and other information in
the following form: “ALSC 2008, [Name of Session] abstract by [First
Name, Last Name].” For details regarding submission length, please refer
to the individual instructions for each session.

• If you do not send copies to both the convener and the ALSC, we
cannot guarantee that you will receive an e-mail notice acknowledging
receipt of your proposal.

• For details regarding submission length, please refer to the
individual instructions for each session.

• You must be a member of the ALSC in good standing to participate
in the conference program as a panelist or seminarian. ALSC members
receive a discount on conference registration.

• For a complete listing of session topics and information about
how to join the ALSC, visit our website at

Poetry and Song
Convener: Stephen Burt (Harvard University)
What do poems composed for the printed or manuscript page, meant first
for silent or audible reading, share with words set down to be put to
music and sung?
What separatesâ€"and what unitesâ€"those categories? When and why did the
separation begin? Do we, should we, approach words included in music in
ways that don't make sense for a poem on a page? Can we talk about
subgenre, form and kindâ€"about lieder, libretti, madrigals, showtunes,
rock, soul, punk, folk, postpunk, blues, hip-hop; about aubades,
complaints, ballads, and “lyric”â€"in ways that help us think about
particular links between poetry and song? One-page proposals to Stephen
Burt, Harvard University, (phone: 617-496-0285).

Michael Gouin-Hart
Executive Director
Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (ALSC)
650 Beacon Street, Suite 510
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
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