CFP: [Poetry] The Modern Poet-translator (2009 MLA)

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Nick Moudry
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I am soliciting panelists for a proposed special session at the 2009 MLA
conference in sunny Philadelphia (27-30 Dec. 2009). The panel seeks to
engage the question of what happens when poets translate poetry.
Specifically, what role does the poet-translator’s own aesthetic views have
in shaping their choice of source text and/or translation strategy, and
what effect does this have on Anglo-American perceptions of foreign
literary canons?

For example, consider the case of Ezra Pound, who in the introduction to
his translation of the Italian poet Guido Cavalcanti praised Cavalcanti for
his “clarity and explicitness.” Was Pound merely looking for a mirror for
his own aesthetic concerns, as he so famously proclaimed in his essay “A
Retrospect” (“To use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the
presentation”), or is it a different matter entirely?

250-word abstracts and brief vitae by 13 Mar. 2009 to Nick Moudry

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