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V.G. Julie Rajan
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Mona Bhan, Ph.D., and V.G. Julie Rajan, Ph.D.

The Editors invite papers for submission to an anthology entitled
Violence and Subjectivity in South Asia. Briefly, the collection allows
for a discussion of how “difference” becomes a site through which
violence and its multiple manifestations can be discerned and explored in
the South Asian subcontinent. In contemporary South Asia, “victims” of
violence are perceived as manifesting subjectivities of “difference” that
are marked as “anomalous” representations within South Asian polity and
culture. Certain communities may be labeled “anomalous,” for example,
because of their present minority status or because of historic
perceptions of their identities (whether social, ethnic, racial, or
religious) within their particular nations.

The initial application of such labels is itself a form of violence and
sanctions additional degrees of difference to be layered onto such
representations, which ultimately result in unprecedented forms and
intensities of violence in modern-day South Asia. Violence and
Subjectivity in South Asia innovatively deconstructs notions
of “difference” to reveal new vocabularies for and methods of
articulating the phenomenon of violence in contemporary South Asia
through multiple disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology,
political science, and comparative literature.

We are looking for discussions of violence in contemporary South Asia
pervading a variety of topics, including:

ï'· History: Memory and Re-Memory
ï'· Gender, Sexuality, and the Nation
ï'· Language and National Narratives
ï'· Cyclical Violence: Linking Past and Present
ï'· Media Representations
ï'· Violence: Diaspora and Native
ï'· Belonging: Citizenship, Culture, Home, and Origins
ï'· Terrorism and Fundamentalism
ï'· Technology
ï'· Disaster and Relief
ï'· Conflict
ï'· Trafficking and Migration
ï'· Resistance

We are pleased that Dr. Veena Das will provide the Commentary for this
collection. Routledge, U.K., is interested in reviewing the manuscript.

Please send full length papers (20-25 pages), a 200-word biography, and a
250-word abstract by October 15, 2007, to V.G. Julie Rajan
( and Mona Bhan ( Decisions
will be made by the end of October 2007.

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