CFP: [Postcolonial] [CFP] 2008 Journal of African Literature (JAL) No. 5.

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Editors of the International Research Confederacy on African Literature
and Culture (IRCALC) are currently receiving submissions in existing
literatures and oratures of Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa
involving issues in contemporary postcolonial modernities and citizenship

This time we have chosen to look specifically at the literature of
Conflict, of War and Post war dilemmas; literatures that address the
discords and divisions within Africa, the question of historical
disputes, of ideological, tribal and cultural clashes and the resultant
tensions wrought on individuals and family, citizens and leaderships, on
national and continental scales.

While our proposition is to look for arguments confronting any one or
more theories for critique, interpretation or exposition of poetry,
fiction, biographies, travelogues, irrespective of the language of
narrative, which explore the idea of conflicts in African past and
contemporary histories, our objective is in the discernment of how such
literatures of contemporary African and Diasporic existence should be
received by literary communities from Africa-centred perspectives, and
what implications for African cultures and literatures may abound by
their existence and studies. In other words, how have these conflicts
developed free, independent and uncluttered aesthetics of African
literature in the last decades of their appearance?

Our reading is inclusive but certainly not exhaustive of the newer list
of African literatures which includes the writings of Ossie Enekwe, Peter
Onwudinjo, Mabel Segun, Ama Ata Aidoo, Chin Ce, Chris Abani, Joe Ushie,
Yvonne Vera, Neshani Andreas, Mia Couto, Femi Osofisan, JM Coetzee,
Edward Brathwaite, Ferdinand Oyono, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, etc. [Please visit for more] Comparative approaches with
non African or Diasporic African literatures are particularly welcome. In
addition, contributors may choose to concentrate on any one or two of the
following subcategories emerging from our 2008 affiliated African
Fictions discourse series: Trauma and the Continent, The Aesthetics of
Reconciliation; Female Trauma and the Politics of African Feminism(s);
Writing/Righting the Environment; Representation and Activism; Death,
Agony, and Other-Worldly Significations. Please request PDF copies or
extracts from previous published discourses on the above prior to your
abstract proposals.
Submissions Guidelines:
We require before the deadline of August 2007, original abstracts of no
more than 600 words showing topic, intended arguments and their relevance
to the discourse theme or subcategory to be submitted by Microsoft Word
attachment to the Editors, If accepted contributors will
be notified by correspondence and their abstracts published on the
website. All original submissions shall come in English. Materials in
French and other indigenous African languages such as Hausa and Swahili
shall be accepted as long as they are followed by their English
translations. Papers which citations do follow the MLA 2003 format will
be rejected. See further details on the web

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