CFP: [Postcolonial] Postcolonial Text Special Issue on East African Literature and Culture

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Ranjini Mendis

Call For Submissions â€" Postcolonial Text â€" Special Issue: East Africa
Christopher Wanjala (ed.)

Postcolonial Text is an open access, electronic journal, which is both
internationally peer-reviewed and accessible to a global readership. The
editors now seek submissions for a specially-themed volume on the
topic "Literature and Culture in East Africa." This guest issue on
contemporary East African literature will be devoted to the political
crises in Africa, and an in-depth analysis of narratives from differently
challenged communities and individuals. Of particular concern are texts
from the past decade and a half which have been composed at the time
multiparty elections were taking place in Kenya and Tanzania, in the early
1990s, and during power-sharing negotiations for Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda,
Burundi, and Kenya being held in hotels in East Africa. All these
political events have led to an emerging ethos of democratic rule among
citizens of Eastern Africa as an African region. Despite the changes that
are clearly visible in the social mobility, migrations, access to jobs,
training in the I C T, the globalization which favours America and Western
countries, yet to be seen are credible institutional reforms to
accommodate intra-ethnic coexistence and the nature of the extant

This Guest Issue will examine ethnic identities and accruing modes of
communication. Despite the fact that African countries seek to define
themselves as nations, creative writers do not adequately tackle the vice
of ethnic discrimination and social and political inequalities that are
engendered by ethnic biases. They have been led by statesmen. They have
parliaments, judiciaries, centres of excellence in culture and education.
But tensions of ethnic suspicions and rivalries still persist. The post-
election violence in Kenya, after the disputed presidential elections of
December 2007 shows that there are residual issues in East African
political culture which are yet to be addressed. The concern about the
stability and the economic future and the democracies of East African
countries is real.

The challenge is being made in this edition of Postcolonial Text is to
delineate the issues of aesthetics and negotiations of the political and
social space articulated in the literatures of East Africa over the last
fifteen years. Completely oblivious of the implications, the elite in East
Africa and their ethnic groups look for alternatives to cohesive
nationhood. They celebrate cultural differences along ethnic lines and
bring out negative cultural practices that go against inter-ethnic

The call here is for papers which analyse political party affiliations
based on regional strengths and ethnic loyalties. I welcome essays not
only on identity crisis in East Africa, Ethnic Identity, but also on the
growth of the various genres of literature in the region. Essays that will
enhance theoretical pathways and debates which political and cultural
identity crises have engendered. In addition to articles, I invite book
reviews, narratives and gnomic forms of oral literature translated into
English from East African languages, poems, short stories, and
contemporary skits on negative ethnicity. The issue will highlight the new
dynamics in East African culture and art in respect of language and other
modes of communication and show how theatre practitioners, film makers,
and media workers are experimenting with artistic forms in order to
communicate with their audience.
Deadline for all submissions is September 30, 2008.

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For other queries, please contact:
Prof Chris L Wanjala (E mail:
University of Nairobi,
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