CFP: [Postcolonial] English in India and India in English (NAVSA 4/7/08; 11/14-11/16, 2008)

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Sheshalatha Reddy
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This panel, for the NAVSA conference to be held at Yale University in
November 2008, will focus on the production, circulation, and reception of
English-language literature written by Indians during the nineteenth
century, in order to extend our understanding of Victorian arts and culture
into a broader comparative and international context. Possible questions to
be addressed include: To what extent and in what ways did
nineteenth-century Indian-English literature circulate in various print
media such as books, pamphlets, periodicals, prints, and advertisements?
How did this literature react to British imperial structures--formal,
material, ideological--and the influence of Western generic conventions and
expectations? What role did indigenous traditions play in such literature?
How did Indians writing in English use the language as a medium of
political expression, in order to participate in imperialist and/or
nationalist causes? Did these writers or their works construct an alternate
notion of authorship or an “imagined community” of a different sort? Papers
may consider Indian-English poets such as Toru Dutt, Rabindranath Tagore,
Michael Madhusudhan Dutt, Henry Derozio, or Sarojini Naidu or novelists
such as Romesh Chunder Dutt, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, or Krupabai
Satthianadhan. Papers may also extend considerations to other writers
and/or genres of writing by Indian-English writers including criticism,
essays, belles-lettres, newspaper editorials, and the like. Paper
abstracts should be no more than 250 words and should be emailed by April
7, 2008 to Sheshalatha Reddy at Please feel free to
contact me with any questions or concerns.

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