CFP: [Postcolonial] Romanticism and the Work of Empire––ICR special Sesson

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Stephen Hancock
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Call for papers for special session at the 2008 meeting of the
International Conference on Roamnticism in Detroit/Rochester, Michigan, at
Oakland University. The full conference website is here:
Below is a session of more particular possible interest to scholars of
Post-Colonial Literature and/or history. Abstracts are due by April 15.

Stephen Hancock
Brigham Young University--Hawaii

Romanticism and the Work of Empire

This session will examine the work that Romanticism has been made to do in
the colonies or post-colonies. Papers could consider either the work that
colonizers made Romanticism do in re-figuring the native or the work that
native writers have made romanticism do in resisting the colonial endeavor.
How have the tropes, the images of authors, re-figurations or re-tellings
of the works of the romantics, been a useful tool on either the side of
colonial occupation or that of resistance. Topics could include, but are
not limited to, the inclusion of or re-reading of figures or poems from
romantic authors in the work of colonial or post-colonial writers for
ideological purposes, the use of romantic authors in colonial education,
visits from romantic figures to the colonies, or the use of romantic
ideals, philosophies, or aesthetic categories by the colonizer to re-shape
native identities.

Submit abstracts or queries to Stephen Hancock at Be sure
to submit an additional abstract to, indicating that
you have submitted the abstract to this session. Deadline is April 15.

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