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Subhasis Chatterjee
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There is a need to start a List-Serve group which will be focussed on
Indology in all its possible multi-disciplinary splendor. Contemporary
Indology and Post-Colonial Studies is being fuelled by insular academic
discourses. We need to study Indian Literatures, and especially those in
English with some openness to the ideas of those who are in the
universities today. We need to answer questions like whether the text of
Katha Upanishad can be interrogated by some of the same tools that Form
critics use to interrogate the Bible. We need to commission studies on
Indian dramas and may be have someone gloss the Mahabharata with the same
pains that Variorum editions of Shakespeare are being glossed. In short, we
need dedicated Indologists for long-term commitment to an area of English
Studies which till now has not been able to free the shackles of the
Subaltern Group, or for that matter, Edward Said.

Unlike Ranajit Guha, the founder of the Subalterns we do not have to be in
Switzerland to write on India or like Dipesh chakraborty, to live in the US
and from there critique India and the US. It is now enough to have a
Laptop, a net-connection and lots of good-will.

At this point in time, I am inviting folks out there to contact me for a
labor of love.

My last CFP had just one reply and that too of the uselessness of my
project. But then, I believe that the net can revolutionized the way we do
Literature today.

We need dedicated editors, a team which will blog regularly etc.

Subhasis Chattopadhyay
lecturer in English
Ramananda College, bishnupur,

Feel free to write to me at

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