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Dr. GMT Emezue
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Music in Africa has been the expression of the spiritual bond between man
and his ancestors, his inner essence and spirit. It weaves naturally and
almost imperceptibly with the religious functions of art as a social
communion that holds greater purpose for individual and communal well
being. African artistes have therefore explored music as part of their
aesthetic and supernatural existence such that even in the days of
colonial and post colonial struggles music has been at the frontline of
the liberation struggle in South, East and Central Africa not excluding
other sub Saharan African nation states.
This year’s focus on Music and Poetry is in recognition of the
significance of both genres in contemporary African aesthetics. Popular
African music remains as committed to the yearnings and aspirations of
the people even as the African poet today assumes the indispensable
spokesperson or voice of the entire continent’s downtrodden and alienated
people, the alternative and counter-voicing against the debasement of art
by government propaganda and its control and manipulation of the
instruments of information dissemination.
We invite essays that take historical, sociological, literary, aesthetic
perspectives on the evolution, practice and emergence of African poetry
and music as mutually reliant and dependent creative media of the artiste
in society. Essays on African poetry and music may compare recent
published poems, oral performance poetry and music of African, African-
American, African-Caribbean expressions. The intersections of Poetry and
Music and the mutual interactions of both art practices within the
different social, cultural and political structures will be of special
concern to us in this edition. Contributors are expected to show a good
knowledge of contemporary studies in popular rebellion, social conflicts,
and human survival as pertained to the largely African
physical /metaphysical landscape. Exceptional archives of interviews and
Chats on the revolutionary lyrics of America's Barry White, Nigeria's
Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Cameroun's Manu Dibango, South Africa's Miriam
Makeba and Hugh Makasela, among others will be welcome.
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