CFP: [American] Compact Conference

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Zeke Jarvis
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Deadline: August 1st.

Purpose: Ideally, a conference should be about an exchange of new ideas in
a given field. Too often, we waste energy scrounging for travel money to
hit a wish-list destination (Hawaii, New Orleans, etc.), finishing a paper
on a plane ride and politely sitting through a keynote speaker while
contemplating if you’ll have the red wine or go straight to scotch. But
these are the realities of many conferences. So, in the interest of
removing distracting environments, high registration fees and the
embarrassment of ducking out midway through a panel that only has one paper
in which you’re interested, we offer the compact conference. Our goal is
to focus entirely on trading work and building scholarly contacts. One way
in which our conference will do this is having the papers in a permanent
and portable format: a CD. This will allow you to access papers by
participants at any time, particularly when you may be assembling a panel
or editing a collection of your own down the road. We don’t pretend to be
prestigious, but we do believe that we can help create a space and
community for those finishing their dissertations or just starting the road
to tenure and who are still looking for developing ideas in their fields.
New approaches and new ideas from people actually producing new
scholarship. This is what we can offer.

Procedure: By August 1st, you should e-mail a brief (300-400 word)
abstract to just as you would for a physical, non-virtual
conference. These abstracts will be read and accepted, again, in a
standard, blind-read procedure that many conferences would employ.
Scholars will be contacted by September 1st as to whether or not their work
has been selected. By the end of August, we will expect papers to be
e-mailed as pdf files and biographical/contact information e-mailed as word
files. A “registration fee” of $2 (to cover shipping and CD costs) should
also be sent in. These will be burned onto CD and mailed to participants.
 From there, you as a scholar will be able to choose which papers you read,
which “panels” you attend (or build yourself with the CD or future
conference opportunities) and what form the Q&A session will take.

Plea: This does not count as any kind of official publication, so these
should be works in progress looking for some feedback or insight. Do not
send papers you are not looking for feedback on (i.e.: something you think
is already set to publish), and do not submit an abstract if you are not
willing to hear feedback or not willing to correspond with people looking
for feedback. This is meant as a chance to begin conversations with your
fellow scholars and open up collegial relationships.

“Theme”: The broad theme of “compact” will be kept in mind as we select
papers. This could mean “compact” as a verb, condensing or focusing some
broad topic, it could mean “a compact” as in something into which one
enters or “compact” as a descriptor noting portability or tightness. While
this is the general theme, papers particularly interesting and/or
innovative but not fitting the theme will still be considered.

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