CFP: Two SAMLA Sessions on Assessment and College Writing (4/1/07; 11/10/07-11/12/07)

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Thomas Lilly
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Critical Thinking and the Rhet/Comp Classroom: Assessment

Critical Thinking and the Rhet/Comp Classroom announces two sessions=20
focused on the complexities, complications, and influence of assessment=20=

programs in the shaping of the horizons as well as day-to-day=20
experiences of the college rhetoric and composition classroom.

1. Assessment and the college writing program

We welcome paper proposals that describe departmental assessment tools=20=

and metrics and evaluate their effectiveness, consider the role of=20
assessment in shaping departmental and curricular standards, or that=20
theorize new assessment tools and objectives for the rhetoric and=20
composition class. We also welcome paper proposals that reflect upon=20
historical transformations of the identities and objectives of rhetoric=20=

and composition programs, as assessment becomes an increasingly=20
sophisticated and influential presence in universities=92 attitudes=20
towards the humanities.

Submit presentation abstracts of no more than 150 words by April 1st=20
to: Dr. David Brauer, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Borbe Hall 209,=20
901 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Electronic submissions=20=


2. Assessment and the college writing classroom

We welcome paper proposals that describe instructors=92 experiences=20
adapting / adapting to writing classroom environments informed by=20
broader assessment initiatives, expectations, and outcomes. How have=20
assessment initiatives influenced instructors=92 design of assignments=20=

and classes? How have they affected instructors=92 classroom =
with students and evaluations of student competence? What knowledge and=20=

skills receive emphasis in the classroom as a result of considering=20
assessment objectives, and at what expense? Lastly, we also welcome=20
papers that consider the impact of assessment on instructors=92=20
professional development. What roles do =93assessments=94 play in=20
developing careers and professional identities?

Submit presentation abstracts of no more than 150 words by April 1st=20
to: Dr. Tom Lilly, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of=20
Literature, Communication, and Culture, Atlanta, GA 30332-0165.=20
Electronic submissions to

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