CFP: Thinking Class The Adjunct Experience (4/1/07; collection)

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CFP: Thinking Class: The Adjunct Experience We are seeking narratives det=
ailing experiences with and perceptions of part-time teaching at the univ=
ersity level. We do not have any limitations in terms of word count or ge=
nre; please be as candid, passionate, and opinionated as you feel is nece=
ssary in your contribution. Some of the anthology=E2=80=99s themes will i=
nclude, for example, examinations of part time employment through the len=
s of class, the impact of institutional policies on educational practice,=
 and the rigors of teaching part-time online.

In 2005 the AAUP noted a consistent increase in the trend of colleges and=
 universities to employ contract workers, or 'adjuncts,' to teach undergr=
aduate courses. What does this mean for the climate in higher education? =
This anthology hopes to consider and respond to this trend, opening a con=
versation with the academics who find themselves on the borders of the iv=
ory tower.

Please send submissions as Word attachments or pasted into the text of an=
 email with the subject line "adjunct submission." Include a 25-word bio =
and contact information (name, phone number, email). E-mail materials to =
Sylvia DeSantis and Erika Feigenbaum, feigen=, editors.

Deadline: April 1, 2007

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