CFP: Classroom Taboos: A Practical Exploration (4/30/07; M/MLA, 10/8/07-10/11/07)

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jason demeter
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 "Classroom Taboos: A Practical Exploration." This panel intends to
explore the use of controversial material in the classroom. The nature
of the university experience presents a distinctive set of challenges,
including the appropriate integration of taboo language and concepts
into the educational process. Students and teachers, alike, may find
certain language inflammatory, but is it possible to respect cultural
differences while retaining an atmosphere of free intellectual
discourse in English studies? Adding further complexity to this issue
are the instructor's internal ethical concerns, pressures to conform
to proscribed institutional policies, and rapidly shifting standards
of propriety. We seek real-world strategies for confronting societal
taboos in academia, rather than shying away from controversial
materials due to our uncertainty about how best to approach these
issues. Please submit abstracts (250 words) by April 30 to Jason M.
Demeter, Univ. of Akron,; or Julie F. Aronson, Univ.
of Akron,

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