CFP: [American] Queer Miscegenations: (09/20/07; NEMLA 04/10/08-04/13/08

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Reginald A. Wilburn
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NEMLA in Buffalo, April 2008:

This panel welcomes analyses of inter-racial desire in American LGQBT
literatures. A relatively unexamined area in literary studies, the
subjects, themes, and complexities of inter-racial presence in LGQBT
literature presents an exciting opportunity to generate theoretical
knowledge and critical discussion around the intersections of race,
sexuality, and queer/quare identities. Prospective panelists are invited
to explore the significance, poetics, and/or applicability of queer/quare
theories to literary works as they may relate to the overall
theme/subject matter of same sex inter-racial desire. Suggested writers
include but are not limited to James Baldwin, Ann Shockley, Audre
Lourde, Christopher Bram, and David Henry Hwang. Abstracts are due
September 20th, 2007 for NEMLA conference in April. Please send
abstracts to Reginald A. Wilburn at or

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