CFP: [Professional] NYCEA Conference 10/24-25, 2008

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Dr. Rebecca Housel
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Close Reading:

New York College English Association
October 24-25, 2008
St. Bonaventure University

The Fall 2008 NYCEA conference will be held October 24-25, 2008, at St.
Bonaventure University, south of Buffalo, NY.

The keynote speaker, Dr. John J. Mulryan, Trustees Professor of English at
St. Bonaventure, will present “Déjà Vu All Over Again: Hermeneutics,
Explication de Texte, and Other Early Forms of Close Reading.”

Call for Papers

Abstracts of 250 words are requested by September 15, 2008, on topics
related to the conference theme of CLOSE READING. Please send abstracts
electronically to Dr. Lauren P. De La Vars, Chair, English Dept., St.
Bonaventure University,

The term close reading generally means a painstaking examination of the
details of language, imagery, figures of speech, and structure in a
literary passage with an eye to extrapolating meaning for the broader
text. The practice of close reading is fundamental to New Criticism,
formalism, deconstruction, and hermeneutics. It raises questions and
poses special challenges for other critical approaches.

Papers for this conference might conduct a close reading of a literary
passage. Or they might consider any of a wide range of other

• Is close reading outmoded?
• What are the benefits of close reading for different genres:
fiction, poetry, drama, graphic novels, film, sacred texts?
• Can digital media be closely read?
• Is close reading the same as discourse analysis?
• Do all readers perform close reading the same way?
• Can close reading yield the truth about a text?
• Can the subaltern perform a close reading?
• Is close reading a cultural product?
• Does close reading always privilege aesthetics and disregard
cultural context?
• What lies beyond close reading?
• Close reading and the idea of authority
• Close reading and the English curriculum
• Close reading and the composition classroom
• Close reading and interpretive communities
• Close reading and the male gaze
• Close reading and postcolonialism/feminism/Marxism/formalism/new

250-word abstracts are due by September 15, 2008, to Lauren De La Vars at

PLEASE NOTE: GRADUATE STUDENT PRIZE available. Please inquire prior to
September 1, 2008 to Dr. Rebecca Housel, for submission
guidelines. Thank you.

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