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Lynne M. Simpson
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Intelligent Design: Assessment, Accountability, and Learning Outcomes
College English Association
70th Anniversary Conference | March 26-28, 2009 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Omni William Penn Hotel, 530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219;
(412) 281-7100

The College English Association, a gathering of scholar-teachers in English
studies, welcomes proposals for presentations on Intelligent Design:
Assessment, Accountability, and Learning Outcomes for our 40th annual
conference, celebrating the organization’s 70th anniversary.

How does an increased emphasis on student learning outcomes impact the
practice of teaching? While assessment implies a process of self-review,
colleges and universities remain accountable to their trustees, state
legislators, and national regulatory and accreditations boards. Presumably
both the current focus on accountability and assessment tools aim to help
faculty members, programs, and schools improve their effectiveness. Thus
far, however, there is little agreement over what, exactly, learning
outcomes should be let alone the best way to measure them. This panel,
then, seeks approaches to designing innovative methods of assessment that
both satisfy regulatory agencies and enhance teaching.

General Conference Theme: Design
In addition, CEA welcomes proposals for presentations on the general
conference theme, Design. We live in a world atomized into text messages
and jump cuts, socially constructed snippets on networking sites,
fragmented blogs and news bites, ones and zeroes. In such a context, is
there still a role for conscious design - of literature, of art, of
rhetoric, of learning? After the death of the author, who designs the texts
we love to see, read, and study? Or do we make our own designations,
sketching out the plot, shading in the design, creating meaning as we find it?
General Call for Papers
CEA also welcomes proposals for presentations in any of the areas English
departments typically encompass, including literature, creative writing,
composition, technical communication, linguistics, and film. We also
welcome papers on areas that influence our work as academics, including
student demographics, student/instructor accountability and assessment,
student advising, academic leadership in departments and programs, and the
place of the English department in the university.
Submission: August 31-November 1, 2008
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All presenters at the 2009 CEA conference must become members of CEA by
January 1, 2009. To join CEA, please go to
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Lynne M. Simpson
Associate Professor of English
Presbyterian College
503 South Broad Street
Clinton, SC 29235

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