CFP: [Professional] ACLA 2009: College Cultures, Academic Tribes (deadline 11/3/08, Harvard U, 3/26-3/29/09)

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Yi-Zhou Liu
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College Cultures, Academic Tribes: Literary Study as "Local Culture" Within
Global Universities
ACLA 2009
Submission deadline Monday 11/3/08, 9pm Pacific time (12am 11/4/08 Eastern

The local cultures of literary study have recently seen their interactions
with larger university systems both widen and narrow. The growth of
programs in previously less-studied languages, literatures, and media;
greater cultural capital accruing to literature and narrative; and
heightened interest in heritage and ethnology have invited greater
attention to literary scholarship from inside and outside the universities.
Conversely, increasing corporatization of universities and career-related
pragmatism of students; resource limitations within campus budgets; and
difficulty of adapting calls for accountability and measurability to the
qualitative pursuits of the humanities have arguably narrowed and
caricatured the conceptions and roles of literature departments.

This seminar invites inquiries into the multiply fraught yet potentially
fertile interchange created by considering questions of literary value in
relation to the rapidly shifting conditions of reception within
universities and related public communities. As institutional changes have
altered and possibly foreshortened the roles of the languages and
literatures, in what kinds of interesting ways has literary study adapted
in response?

Possible approaches include:

   * New and evolving models of value: comparative canons; choosing from
widening arrays of quality texts and traditions; alternate conceptions of
the literary
   * Pedagogy as “translation”: explaining functions and values of
literature to nonspecialists; literary value revealed through teaching
   * Expanding ranges of comparison: adapting scholarship and teaching to
encompass greater breadths of history, culture, form, genre
   * Creative writing/creative nonfiction: using writing of literary
journalism, poetry, or fiction for better perspective reading literature
   * Transdepartmental relations: comparative literature partaking in
larger interdisciplinary formations of inquiry


ACLA 2009 will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts from Thursday 3/26/09 --
Sunday 3/29/09 (the panels start Friday 3/27/09). The deadline for
250-word paper proposals is Monday 11/3/08 at 9pm Pacific time, and you can
find the proposal form at <> -- be sure to
select the title of this seminar in the scroll-down menu marked "Select the
seminar for which you are submitting the paper."

If you have any questions about the panel, please contact Yi-Zhou Liu,
Department of English, University of California, Irvine, at
<> -- and if there's anyone you know who might be interested,
feel free to forward this CFP.

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