CFP: [American] American Literature in a Global Context (NEMLA 2009, Boston)

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Martha Sledge
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Northeastern Modern Language Association (NEMLA)
Boston, MA
Feb. 26-March 1

As the position of the US in the world community is increasingly
contested, American literature faces both challenges and opportunities.
How is the literature of the U.S. viewed by non-Americans? How do
canonical works offer a different view of the U.S. from that of non-
canonical works? What are the unique cultural situations that affect how
American literature is read and understood? How are individual texts or
authors viewed? These questions are also relevant in thinking about the
historical reception of texts, for example, the reception abroad of
Frederick Douglass or Nathaniel Hawthorne.

This panel seeks to examine some of the issues American literature faces
in a global context: How is American literature viewed by non-Americans,
in both the past and present? For example, how is Hawthorne viewed in
Japan? How might reading novels by Hawthorne and Southworth, Douglass and
Mitchell, suggest different views of the US to non-Americans? How have
cultural situations, either past or present, produced different
understandings of individual texts for non-Americans? In what ways has
American literature participated in cultural production outside the US?

Deadline: September 15, 2008
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