CFP: Walsingham (12/31/06; collection)

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Waller, Gary
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CFP: Walsingham (12/31/06, Collection).=20
Essays are sought for a collection on the historical, literary and =
broader cultural significance of Walsingham, the medieval pilgrimage =
site to the Virgin Mary, which was been revived in the Twentieth =
Century. Modern accounts have generally focused on historical origins, =
theology, or personal devotion: while these approaches will not be =
ignored, essays are especially sought on artistic, anthropological, =
architectural, poetical (e g Ballads, Ralegh=92s poem, Hamlet, T S =
Eliot, Robert Lowell), and broader cultural impact and significance =
including pilgrimage, cultural nostalgia, magic, goddess religion. Poems =
and photo-essays would be considered. Please send proposals to Gary =
Waller, Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies and Drama Studies, =
School of Humanities, Purchase College, Purchase NY =

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