CFP: Cahiers Shakespeare en devenir: an annual bilingual journal (5/07; online publication)

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Pascale Drouet
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Les Cahiers
Shakespeare en devenir
An annual bilingual Journal

Shakespeare en devenir will be housed by the French website La Licorne
(Revue de littérature et de langue française)


        The principal aim of Shakespeare en devenir is to establish significant
connections between Shakespeare's time and our own, without embarking upon
an exclusively diachronic approach. Its purpose is to examine how
Shakespeare's work has evolved throughout ages and cultures and how it
continues, even today, to be reinterpreted. How do the works change ? What
for ?
Shakespeare en devenir reflects our intention to facilitate contact, via a
flexible format, amongst the various artistic media inspired by
Shakespearean plays (text, stage, iconography, screen, music, website), to
establish mutually enriching connections between often compartmentalized
research fields (English Studies, Drama and Film Studies, Comparative
Literature, Visual Arts, French Literature, Musicology) and to encourage
exchanges among diverse critical approaches and (re)creations.
With an annual issue devoted to specific works or approaches, Shakespeare en
devenir will address questions of creation and recreation, palimpsest,
repetition and difference, adaptation and reception, translation and

¦ INAUGURAL ISSUE : « Rewriting King Lear ».
Call for papers, November 2006 ; on-line publication, September 2007.

Why is one of Shakespeare's darkest tragedies still being reinterpreted ?
Translations, transpositions and rewritings of King Lear from the Jacobean
era to the early 21st century are encouraged, especially twentieth-century
plays (Edward Bond's 1973 Lear, Howard Barker's 1990 Seven Lears, Rodrigo
García's 2001 Rey Lear), screen adaptations (Peter Brook in 1969, Gregori
Kosintsev in 1972, Akira Kurosawa in 1985, Jean-Luc Godard in 1987, Jonathan
Miller in 2000), operatic rewritings (Aribert Reimann's 1978 opera) and
recent performances (André Engel's 2006 Le Roi Lear, David Tse Ka-Shing's
2006 King ear-Yellow Earth). While keeping the play itself, partly inspired
by The True Chronicle History of King Leir and Arcadia) in view, this
inaugural issue aims at questioning the various rewritings of the play,
their style and artistic material, and the extent to which they might
influence contemporary perspectives on the play itself.

¦ The deadline for submissions is MAY 2007. Papers, either in French or in
English, with an author's bio-biblio (200 words) and abstract (200 word),
are to be sent to

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