CFP: [Renaissance] Samuel de Champlain Quadricentennial International Symposium "When the French Were Here"

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Antoine J. Polgar
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Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont will host an international
academic symposium on July 2-5, 2009 amidst the pageantry of the
Champlain Quadricentennial Observances commemorating Samuel de
Champlain’s exploration of Lake Champlain in 1609. The 2009 celebration
of historical memory and identity in the Lake Champlain Basin evokes the
150 year French presence in the region (beginning with its exploration by
Champlain in 1609) and perpetuates a tradition of earlier observances of
public memory in 1909 and 1959.

Entitled “When the French Were Here,” the Symposium takes place in the
context of the experience of temporality. Though Samuel de Champlain is
the Early Modern historical subject of the event, the Symposium engages
scholars in the contemplation of origins and the present in the public
memory. Submissions are invited in such fields as French 17th century
cultural history, colonial history of North America, the Literature of
Exploration and Travel, the Psychology of Encounter, Historical Theory,
Renaissance Studies, 16th century cartography and geography, the History
of Exploration, Ethno history, Anthropology, Native American historical
demography and New World archaeology. Possible topics may include:

· The Use of History: Pageants and Parades and Monuments; The Human
Ecology of Colonization; The Rhetoric and Discourse of Discovery;
Literature of Exploration; The Representation of New World People in
Early Modern France; Colonial Hagiography in New France; The Syncretic
Psychology of Encounter: reciprocity in the Middle Ground; The Jesuit
Relations: The Salvational Power of Language in Conversion; Colonial
Myths of Discovery; Postcolonial Spatio-temporal Consciousness of
Vestigial Settlements; New France Settlements; Commercial Exchanges
between Native Americans and French in Canada; Colonial Pathogenesis;
Metissage in the French-Native Alliance System;

Submit an abstract of no more than 200 words, along with a CV to:
Professor Willard Sterne Randall at, Professor
Nancy Nahra at, or to Professor Antoine J. Polgar at, or by mail to Professor Randall or Professor Nahra
at: Champlain College, 163 South Willard St., Burlington, VT 05402.
Papers to be read will be of 15-20 minutes in length (roughly 2000
words). Papers read will be collected and published as conference
proceedings. Deadline for abstracts is July 1, 2008.

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