CFP: [Renaissance] Shakespeare Royal Interventions (3/15/08; MLA 08)

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Silver Damsen
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Shakespeare Royal Interventions

This panel seeks to define and explore Shakespearean dialogue with the
crown. In what ways is Shakespeare appeasing, challenging, or
reiterating crown ideology? How do these interventions change with the
ruler, especially in terms of the interpretation of gender? How does the
body of the monarch and/or the ideology of the monarch’s body influence
the depictions of the political state and/or the staged monarchs’
performance of power in Shakespeare’s plays? Are the distinctions
between Elizabethan and Jacobean interventions relatively clear or less
distinct? We are, of course, interested in new and continued discussion
of Shakespeare’s dialogue with the reigning monarch in plays that
specifically reference the crown, such as Midsummer Night’s Dream, The
Merry Wives of Windsor, the history plays, Macbeth, and Measure for
Measure, but are also interested in explorations of less obvious
connections and relationships between the author and the monarch as they
play out on stage and text, including explorations of the differences
between the textual and stage monarch.

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