UPDATE: [Renaissance] RMMLA: Critical Approaches to the Jonsonian Masque: abstract extension to 3/21/08

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Heather C. Easterling
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Ben Jonson in the 21st Century: Critical Approaches to the Jonsonian
Masque: Special Session at RMMLA - Reno, NV, 10/08.
The publication of the Cambridge Jonson still is impending, but
excitement among early modern scholars continues unabated. Whether 2008
finally is the year of publication, Jonson studies continues to
reenergize and to diversify in its momentum. The 2008 session aims to
continue a vibrant conversation, reconsidering Jonson in the wake of 20th
and 21st century scholarship, recognizing Jonson as a key figure for 21st
century literary studies, and addressing the challenges Jonson offers to

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