CFP: [Renaissance] Teaching the Early Modern Period

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Dr. Derval Conroy
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International Conference
Newman House, University College Dublin, Ireland
27-28 June 2008

The purpose of this conference is to bring together scholars of the early modern period who
have a particular interest in teaching. By examining the interplay between research and teaching,
the intention is to explore what is frequently perceived as a divorce between the two, and to
investigate ways in which widespread institutional pressures both to produce increasingly
specialised, creative research and to maintain high student numbers in undergraduate courses
can be harmonised. The focus will be on discussing why and how we teach what we do, as well as
what we teach. Papers concerning the philosophy and activity of teaching will therefore be
juxtaposed with papers on content, curriculum design and interpretative approaches. In sum,
why is it important to teach the early modern period? How can we integrate our research into our
teaching, either in terms of theoretical approaches or actual material? What strategies can be
used to engage students in the period and to encourage them to undertake doctoral research?
How can we deal with the challenges foreign language material presents? What is the impact of
web resources such as EEBO and the CESAR image-bank on teaching as well as on research?

Proposals for twenty-minute papers are invited from scholars of literature, history, philosophy,
art history and music and should be sent to Dr. Derval Conroy ( before 10
April, 2008.

Those interested in participating in a round-table discussion in addition to, or instead of,
presenting a paper are also invited to contact the organiser.

Accommodation costs for speakers arriving from outside Dublin will be met by the conference

Further information is available from Dr. Derval Conroy at

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