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Seventeenth Annual British Women Writers Conference
University of Iowa, Iowa City
Call for Papers

Fresh Threads of Connection
April 2â€"5, 2009

In chapter 11 of Middlemarch, George Eliot uses the phrase "fresh threads
of connection" to refer to the new affiliations that arose in provincial
England, especially between towns and rural areas. While some connections,
like the ones Eliot describes, are recognized and acknowledged by
contemporaries, others are more repressed and may quietly bind together
entities that seem to be sharply and insistently divided. Picking up these
threads, this conference aims to stitch together similarly fresh and
unexpected connections in the study of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century
British women writersâ€"whether those connections are ones that we generate
through our research or discover to have existed in the past. Surprising
connections can arise between people (whether individuals or cultures),
within and between texts and genres, and in the juxtapositions that
scholars construct among texts, theories, and disciplines. In focusing on
these fresh connections that we discover or create, this conference hopes
to honor rigorous and innovative scholarship, while also creating space for
further exciting connections among diverse scholars and ideas. Unexpected
connections can include (but are not limited to) any of the following:

Spatial Connections

• Crossing boundaries
• Correspondence
• Transatlantic alliances
• Culture shock
• Women's travel
• Colonial encounters
• Meeting places

Temporal Connections

• Anachronism
• Memory and memorials
• Adaptation and allusion
• Hauntings
• Re-envisioning the canon
• Prophesies and predictions
• Rewriting the past, revising the present

Personal Connections

• Unlikely friendships and families of choice
• Solidarity across class
• Surprising political alignments
• Communities, congregations, and clubs
• Mixed company
• Patients and practitioners
• Inter-racial relationships

Scientific and Technological Connections

• Phonography to photography
• Printing, publishing, typewriting
• Bicycling and omnibus
• Domestic and food science
• Telegraph and telephones
• Medicine and psychology

Textual Connections

• Mixed genres
• Periodical juxtapositions
• Collage and quotation
• Unexpected collections and anthologies

Critical Connections

• Interdisciplinarity
• Innovative responses to critical impasses
• Women authors as critics
• Fresh critical perspectives

Individual proposals should be two pages: a cover sheet including name,
presentation title, university affiliation, address, e-mail address, phone
number, and brief biographical paragraph; and a 500-word abstract (please
do not include any identifying information on abstract).

Panel proposals should include a cover sheetâ€"including panel title,
presenters' names, presentation titles, university affiliations, addresses,
e-mail addresses, phone numbers, brief biographical paragraphs, and the
name of a moderatorâ€"followed by separate abstracts (500-word) that describe
the significance of the panel topic and each presentation (please do not
include any identifying information on abstracts).

Proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment in .doc or .rtf
format by October 1, 2008 to the conference e-mail address at: For more information, visit our website at:

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