CFP: [Romantic] British Sporting Culture: The Literature and Culture of Sport in the Long 18th Century

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Sharon Harrow
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CFP: Essays for Edited Collection â€" Deadline Extended
Tentative Title: British Sporting Culture: The Literature and Culture of
Sport in the Long Eighteenth Century
Sport is emerging as one of the most compelling and playful areas of
academic inquiry. In the past few decades, important studies of sport
have been written from a mostly historical or sociological perspective.
But sport has not been established as an important sub-discipline in
literary and cultural studies, particularly in the long eighteenth
century. For centuries, sports have been organized, and competition has
been viewed as both ritual and recreation. But several important aspects
of sport distinguish the long eighteenth century in Britain: many modern
rules of sport were codified; sport emerged as a business, a spectacle
and a performance; gaming organized itself more exactly around sports;
sport was defined as an art and a science. A literature of sport swelled
during the era.
This volume is unique in its focus on the intersection of sport and
culture in Britain and its colonies in the long eighteenth century. The
collection is broadly conceived and seeks essays on the representation of
sport in a wide range of literary and visual texts that will be well-
researched and scholarly but accessible to a non-specialist audience.
The book will be divided into two sections, with an introduction and an
afterward. Part I will be a collection of materials that will serve to
introduce scholars, students, and general readers to primary texts. Part
II will consist of critical articles that engage with sport from a
variety of critical perspectives. We can consider such questions as: Why
was this period so ripe for the growth of sport? How did people disport
themselves? Who watched whom? What forms of expression were employed to
represent sports? How did the representation of sport develop into an
art and a business?
Topics may include but are not limited to: literary and cultural aspects
of sport, such as sport as performance or spectacle; the representation
of bodies or stardom; sport in popular culture; gaming; rules and
rituals; sport in relation to land use; pain, pleasure, sin; sport in
relation to religion; satiric representations of sport; sport in relation
to nationalistic or gendered discourse; elitism and populism in sport;
sport as play or leisure. Abstracts focusing on any aspect of the
following sports would be especially welcome: horseracing, hunting,
tennis, rounders, cricket, football, blood sports (except for boxing).
Please send abstracts (roughly 2-4 pages) or chapters and a brief bio to:
Sharon Harrow at Please do not send via snail mail.
Abstracts due 4 January 2009. Completed papers of roughly 6000-8000
words due 1 September 2009.

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