CFP: [Science] Metanexus Conference 2009 â Cosmos, Nature, Culture: A Transdisciplinary Conference

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Kieran Kenny
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Metanexus Conference 2009 â€" Cosmos, Nature, Culture: A Transdisciplinary

Metanexus Conference
July 18 â€" 21, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona

DEADLINE for abstracts: January 15, 2009

Join us for the 10th international Metanexus Conference when philosophers,
biologists, physicists, cosmologists, neuroscientists, cognitive
scientists, theologians, scholars in religious studies, and other
researchers and educators will discuss profound questions of cosmos,
nature, and culture in a rapidly evolving and complex world.
The conference is open to critically rigorous, scientifically-,
theologically-, and philosophically-informed papers on any topics that
touch on profound questions of a transdisciplinary nature concerning the
person and the cosmos.
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