CFP: Bringing Dolls to School: Theorizing Performing Objects (grad) (3/2/07; 4/16/07)

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Elisa Legon
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Bringing Dolls to School: Theorizing Performing Objects

April 16, 2007
The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (MESTC)
The Graduate Center, CUNY
New York City.

Although usually associated with children=92s theatre, performing =20
objects have become increasingly prominent in adult theatre, =20
regularly featured in mainstream and experimental works. Since =20
puppetry is an art and academic subject that engages with other =20
disciplines, its study proves to be an area of great vitality. This =20
one-day graduate student conference will focus on the academic study =20
and engagement with the field of performing objects. The overarching =20
objective is to foster and nurture new networks of emerging scholars =20
coming from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to look at the =20
multifaceted ways performing objects are being used on stage. We =20
extend an invitation to graduate students who want to participate in =20
ongoing conversations about the impact and theoretical implications =20
of performing objects.

The conference will feature a panel discussion, where emerging =20
scholars will be able to share their research with their colleagues, =20
and a roundtable discussion, moderated by Prof. Claudia Orenstein =20
(Hunter College, CUNY), with invited academics specializing in the =20
study of performing objects. Established and emerging scholars will =20
discuss strategies to emphasize and advance the study of performing =20
objects in a university setting.

Submissions for a fifteen-minute presentation from all relevant =20
disciplines are encouraged. Abstracts submitted should be in English =20
and of no more than 300 words accompanied by the title of the paper, =20
name, academic affiliation, email address and any other relevant =20
contact information. Abstracts must be sent via email to both =20 and
The deadline for submissions is March 2, 2007, although early =20
submissions are strongly recommended.=

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