CFP: For SHAW 28: Shaw and War" (5/15/07; edited volume)

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Richard Dietrich

         Call for Papers for SHAW 28: "Shaw and War." SHAW is "The
Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies" and is published in hard bound in the
Fall. Below the Guest Editor for Volume 28 describes the sorts of
papers she is looking for. Deadline May 15, 2007.

Shaw and War
Lagretta Tallent Lenker, Guest Editor

             Perhaps more than any other playwright of the nineteenth
and twentieth centuries, Bernard Shaw, in many of his controversial
dramas, probes the age-old ambivalence of humanity toward
war. Although himself opposed to war, Shaw could comprehend and
brilliantly dramatize society's love affair with violence and combat,
even as he satirizes this often fatal liaison. Shaw's multivalent
ideas on war inform many of his major plays, including Arms and the
Man, Caesar and Cleopatra, Major Barbara, Heartbreak House, and Saint
Joan. These and other Shavian plays dramatize GBS's commitment to
"make war on war" and his abiding interest in the subject. The
age-old ambivalence of humanity toward war is hard to comprehend and
still more difficult to express. Through his incisive dramatic
forensics, Shaw explores this perplexing paradox and makes us
confront the issue of war, which is both the anathema and apotheosis
of humankind.
             SHAW 28 will build on the growing body of critical
literature that studies Shaw and war, and the guest editor of that
volume invites papers for consideration that explore Shaw's dramatic
and non-dramatic writings on war and human aggression. Of special
interest are papers addressing Shaw's perspective on war through the
lens of peace, gender, love and romance, and history. The guest
editor also welcomes articles on Shaw's discussions with his
contemporaries about war and encourages bibliographic essays on Shaw
and war. Submission deadline is May 15, 2007. Please format
manuscripts in the accepted style of SHAW (consult recent volumes)
and send to the following address:

                                                 Dr. Lagretta Tallent Lenker
                                                 Department of English
                                                 CPR 107
                                                 University of South Florida
                                                 Tampa, FL 33620

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