CFP: Contemporary Issues in Theatre Historiography (UK) (4/30/07; 7/6/07-7/7/07)

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Yeandle, Peter

Call for Papers
Ruskinian Theatre
Contemporary Issues in Theatre Historiography
University of Birmingham (UK), 6-7 July, 2007
Proposals are invited for papers and respondents for a two day
colloquium sponsored by the History Department at Lancaster University
(UK), the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts, University of Birmingham
(UK), and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK).
This colloquium is part of the AHRC funded project: Ruskinian Theatre:
the Aesthetics of the Nineteenth-Century London Popular Stage,
1870-1900, which seeks to investigate the interrelationships and
influences of John Ruskin's aesthetic and social theories on the popular
London stage in the late nineteenth-century. Our meeting in 2005
focussed on "Ruskin, Shakespeare, and the Victorian Theatre" and was
part of the "Victorian Life Writing" conference at Lancaster University.
In 2006, we met at Lancaster University for a colloquium on the
Victorian Theatre and Visual Culture, and a collection of essays has
been developed from this meeting. In 2007, in our final meeting at the
University of Birmingham, we'll be exploring the historiographical
issues to arise from this and other innovative work in theatre history
and historiography.
In 2007, our focus is on the re-visionings and rethinkings of theatre
history and historiography. In the last 20 years, there has been a
significant movement in developing new approaches to theatre history and
historiography which has been labelled "The New Theatre History." Much
of this work has focused on the theatre of Britain in the nineteenth
century, in particular in the first three decades of the century, and
its final years, as significant moments of the transition into
modernity. The Ruskinian Theatre project takes as its rationale a
revision of the standard narratives of theatre and cultural history in
this period which ignore the popular theatre: we challenge the focus of
standard theatre histories on the 'literary drama' and an emergent
Modernist aesthetic.
In this call for papers we seek offers of original work in theatre
history and historiography which seek to examine new standard narratives
of theatre history. While the focus of the project is on the period
1870-1901, in this call for papers, we do not preclude work dealing with
other national theatre culture or time periods. We are particularly
interested in new theatre history and historiographical research which
attempts to marry detailed archival work within new theoretical
formulations, particularly those emerging after the "linguistic turn" of
poststructuralism. We also interested in the insights derived from
cross- and interdisciplinary work, particularly from scholars whose work
is concerned with the relationships between theatre history and cultural
Papers of 30 minutes length are invited which address these themes:
* debates over the 'literary' and/or 'legitimate' drama vs. the
popular and the spectacular
* relationships of practice between literary theatre, Modernist
theatre, and popular and spectacular theatre
* the concept of a 'National Theatre' and/or a 'National Drama'
* studies of the interactions of theatre managements and
contemporary artists
* regional theatre histories
* the self-representation of women theatre practitioners
* the relationship between theatre history and cultural history
and cultural studies
* the use of theatre and performance history by historians of
society and culture
Proposals should reach the convenors by 30 April 2007. We particularly
encourage offers of papers from postgraduate students, and expect that
there will be two postgraduate bursaries subsidising attendance.
Further enquiries, applications for postgraduate bursaries and proposals
should be directed to:
Peter Yeandle, Ruskinian Theatre Research Associate, Department of
History, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YG,

Peter Yeandle Kate Newey
Jeffrey Richards
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