CFP: Gender Spies/Gender Traitors in Modern Drama (4/30/07; SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

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Linda Rohrer Paige

The Modern Drama division of SAMLA invites papers or proposals
on*Gender Spies/Gender Traitors in Modern Drama* for the
annualconvention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association,
November 9-11, 2007 in Atlanta, GA, Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown.
When Martha Dobie, accused of lesbianism (of being "unnatural"),
inLillian Hellman*s The Children*s Hour loses her trial,
audiences*perhaps,for the first time--recognize the extent of the
tension between the schoolteacher and her aunt, Lily Mortar, who prefers
traipsing after Sir Henry and his acting troupe rather than remaining in
town to testify on her niece's behalf. One might argue that Mrs.
Mortar's motives for being absent mark this character's alliance with
the patriarchal order, a systemwhose courts squash even the possibility
of lesbianism and women's rebellion against its "prescriptions."
Ensuring the status quo, Mrs. Mortarfunctions in the play as a sort of
"patriarchal agent,* betraying her own kind, not just family, but other
females. Betrayal of one's gender*or kind*frequently appears in modern
drama, especially in plays by women. Recall as well more recent
variations of this theme, gender betrayal and"gender spying," in David
Hwang's M. Butterfly. This year's Modern Dramasession (2007) invites
proposals on variations of this theme: gendertreachery and betrayal. One
might consider any of the following topics: *Spies in Our Midst
*Gender Crimes: Gender Wars
**A Snake in the Henhouse*
*Masking and Unmasking Helpers
*Tattling, Cover-Ups, & Betrayals
*Double-Crosses/Doubled Lives
*Female Community under Siege
*Denying Kin/Violating Kind
**Knocking Out* the Other
*Protecting the Enemy
*Villainous Behaviors
*Violating Gender/Crossing Lines

 Submit proposals of 200-250 words, or completed papers,eight to ten
(8-10) typed pages (an anticipatedreading time of fifteen to twenty
min.) by the deadline, April 30, 2007, to session chair, Dr. Linda
Rohrer PaigeDepartment of Literature and Philosophy P. O. Box 8023
Georgia Southern U Statesboro, GA 30460-8023Ph. 912/681-0232 FAX
912/681-0653E-MAIL:, send via
email an attachment (Word or WordPerfect)of the submission, along with
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