CFP: Humor, Joy, and Performance (9/10/07; MCEA, 10/12/07)

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Call for Papers: MCEA Conference on Fri. October 12, 2007
Theme: Humor, Joy, and Performance

Location: Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan =20

Speaker: Joseph Csicsila of Eastern Michigan University=20
=E2=80=9CMark Twain and the Problem of Humor=E2=80=9D

Whether we are exploring the joy found in Whitman=E2=80=99s contemplation of=
 a blade=20
of grass or creating joy through our work as writers, scholars, or teachers=
humor and joy are important aspects of our professional performance. As=20
Albert Einstein once said, =E2=80=9CIt is the supreme art of the teacher to=20=
awaken joy in=20
creative expression and knowledge.=E2=80=9D How do we use humor in the class=
room and=20
in our writing=E2=80=94and for what purposes? What are the benefits of emplo=
ying =20
humor and creating joy? What place do humor and joy have in view of the seri=
ous =20
moral and political dilemmas we face today? In what ways are we performers,=20=
balancing the tragic and the comic on the improvisational stage of the =20
classroom? Are we willing to laugh at ourselves? How do we employ satire? Ho=
w can=20
the use of humor subvert power structures? What insights can you share about=
the significance of humor and/or joy in your pedagogy and your strategies fo=
r =20
exploring contemporary humor, including comedic acts and films, with your =20
students? What projects and activities do you create that give students the=20=
opportunity to laugh and enjoy their learning experiences? How do your stude=
nts =20
respond to such opportunities? What critical thinking strategies come into p=
lay =20
in such endeavors? These questions are worth examining because, as Audre=20
Lorde maintains, =E2=80=9CThe sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional,=20=
psychic, or =20
intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for=20=
understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threa=
t of=20
 their difference.=E2=80=9D=20
The Michigan College English Association seeks proposals for individual=20
papers and for complete or open panels for our Fall 2007 meeting. We look=20
forward to receiving proposals on diverse topics from experienced academics=
 as well=20
as from young scholars and graduate students. We encourage a variety of=20
papers, including pedagogical and scholarly essays. We also welcome poetry,=
drama, fiction, and nonfiction from creative writers. We will award prizes=
$25 for the best scholarly and creative writing by graduate students. =20
Although we are calling for papers and panels that reflect the conference=20
theme, we welcome a variety of proposals in any of the areas English and=20
Writing departments encompass: e.g., composition and rhetoric; computers an=
writing; creative writing; critical pedagogy; critical studies in the teach=
ing of=20
English; cultural studies; film studies; film and composition; film and=20
literature; developmental education; English as a second language; linguist=
literary studies; multicultural literature; on-line English courses and the=
virtual university; popular culture; race, class, and gender studies; progr=
education; reading and writing across the curriculum; student demographics;=
student/instructor accountability and assessment; student placement; study=20
skills; technical writing.=20
Proposals are due by Monday, Sept. 10, 2007. Early submissions are welcome.=
Please submit proposals to Janet Heller and Anne G. Berggren, Program=20
Chairs, via email or snail mail: _janet.heller_at_wmich.edu_=20
( or Janet Heller, English Dept., Western Mic=
higan University, Kalamazoo=20
 MI 49008; _agbergrn_at_umich.edu_ ( or Anne G.=20
Berggren, Sweetland Writing Center, 1126 Angell Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48109-100=
3. =20
Please specify your needs for audio-visual equipment and the best time of d=
for your presentation.

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