CFP: [Theatre] "Comedy and Identity" at Comparative Drama Conference, March 2008

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Miriam Chirico
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Abstracts are invited for the panel enitled “Comedy and the Loss of
Identity” at the 32nd Comparative Drama Conference (Loyola Marymount
University, Los Angeles, March 27-29, 2008 â€" see below). Any scholars
working on dramatic representation (i.e. plays, films, television shows)
of comedy’s ability to deconstruct or undermine identity are invited to
apply to present on this panel.

Examples of identity could include those formed by social, political,
religious, or cultural associations, as well as those aspects more
specifically centered on gender, class, ethnicity, queerness, and (dis)

Research of particular interest would examine how the genre of comedy,
whether it is farce, satire, or stand-up, puts into question basic
elements of identity, forcing characters and individuals to question who
they are and how their selves as constructed. Papers might analyze how
comedy, working either as a genre or as a physiological response (i.e.
laughter or humor), highlights fundamental attributes of identity
construction. Papers should be 12 minutes in length and accessible to a
multi-disciplinary audience.

Other research questions to consider:
• In what situations or in what contexts are characters/
individuals most likely to lose or question their identity?
• Does the reconstitution of identity bring about a plot resolution
or “happy ending”?
• What causes a successful re-arrangement of self?
• Does the use of stock characters in comedy prohibit or limit
discussions of identity?
• Can comedy enable audiences/ participants to understand more
fully their own social roles and functions?
• Do the typical performance elements of comedy -- such as
disguises, clowning, double identities, and masks â€" serve as tropes or
metaphors that emphasize the problem of identity?
• Does the process of losing one’s identity initiate the problem-
solving (obstacle surmounting) required for the comic genre?

Abstract submission deadline: 1 December 2007
The 250 word abstract should include paper title, author's name,
institutional affiliation, and postal address at top left - please also
include any technical requirements for your presentation such as
powerpoint or slide projectors, VCR, etc.)

Please send all abstracts or questions to:
Miriam Chirico, Associate Professor
Department of English
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226

Tel: (860) 465-0233
Fax: (860) 465-4580


Papers reporting on new research and development in any aspect of drama
are invited for the 32nd Comparative Drama Conference that will take
place at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, March 27 - 29,
2008. Papers may be comparative across nationalities, periods and
disciplines; and may deal with any issue in dramatic literature,
criticism, theory, and performance, or any method of historiography,
translation, or production. Papers should be 15 minutes in length and
should be accessible to a multi-disciplinary audience.

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